Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Update on my Sister-In Law and Baby

Hi I just wanted to give you all a quick update.

They had an ultrasound this week and everything looks really good with the baby, yeah.

The medicine seems to be working so my sister-in law is doing well, and we found out that the procedure to fix the heart damage isn't quite as scary as it sounds, and is almost routine these days (according to an ex ER nurse my brother talked to) so that all is another Yay.

The final bit of good news is that the company my brother works for is trying to get his and 3 other employees contracts extended, and if that doesn't work they are talking about moving him to their IT department, so that is another tentative sigh of relief.

Thanks you so much for all your thoughts and prayers, I'll keep you updated.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Note for Janet

I probably shouldn't say this, but for some reason every time I look at my new fabric I just have to chuckle to myself because it reminds me of us, unfortunately it's not the cherry girl or the banana.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My new fabric came today!!!

When I found this fabric I just HAD to buy it.  This fabric is called Fruit Ladies by Elizabeth Studios.  I'm so excited that is came this fast.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, maybe a summer bag, but I have it!!!

Opinion Question - please help me decide

My sister-in law had an ultrasound yesterday, they won't know how everything looks until she sees her doctor today, however they did find out that they are having a boy.

So now I have a question for you all.  I have this cute fabric that I want to use to make either a blanket or a quilt for the baby, I just can't decide which.  I'm just torn between a blanky  with this fabric and then a toddler size quilt later out of other fabrics, or a knight themed quilt out of these.  Help what do you think?  What would you do?  What would you like to receive if it was you?

If I make a blanket it will be a simple one with the knight fabric on one side and maybe minkee on the back with the shields as the binding.

If I make a quilt I'll add fabrics, they have a castle fabric that matches, or maybe even one of the patterns that make a large castle for the middle of the quilt.  

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A small prayer request

I just wanted to ask for your prayer for my brother and his family.  My sister-in law is pregnant with their second baby and due around the end of May.  Everything was going pretty well this time until she started having what they thought were anxiety attacks.  She was transferred to a high risk OB, and they found out that she is actually having mini strokes.  Luckily the baby is still looking good,  and medicine seems to be controlling the strokes, but she will need to go in for surgery to repair the damage that has been done to her heart.
To top off the worries, the surgery needs to be done within 8 weeks of the baby being born, for her to be covered under Oregon Health (they don't have insurance), and my brother has been told that his job is safe until June, but they can't make any promises after that.
There isn't much I can do right now for them, but I thought that a few extra prayers might help!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

See we did have fun...pt 3 (mildly mature content)

Before we headed out to the San Francisco area we did a little sightseeing here.  I decided to take my Aunt and Cousin to Virginia city which is the sight of a big gold and silver strike in the 19th century.  In fact during it's heyday it was the largest city between Denver and San Francisco.  I love all the mining artifacts that are scattered about the countryside.

Alright I know I warned about mild adult content, because on the way to Virginia City we pass through one of the few counties in the country where brothels are legal, so we had to drive by so my Aunt could see them.  There are about 6 in along a small stretch of road.  I have to say that it doesn't really bother me to have them there.  I figure this is a much safer environment for all concerned.  Here are a couple pictures my Aunt took along the driveway to the Bunny Ranch.  Just as an aside, their business seemed to be booming that Saturday, I had seen cars in the lots, but that day we saw probably 6 men coming or going from the brothels.

See we did have fun...pt 2

While we were in the area we bought year passes to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  The rides were a lot of fun but the animals were the big hit with our daughter.  This first picture is probably my favorite.  They had this huge adorable male walrus.  If you stood by his window and clapped he would start clapping and come up to the window for a rub, as you can see my daughter was thrilled.

No explanation necessary really, just cute penguins.

The next two are from one of the many animal shows they have.  These are Merlin the dolphin and Shouka the whale.  I didn't bore you with the tons of pictures I took during the shows, I just added couple of my favorites.

And don't think they only had marine animals, they also had elephants, tigers, lions, camels and one of my favorites giraffes.

See we did have fun...pt 1 San Francisico

These first two are from the Aquarium on the Bay on Peir 39 - 1) in the "under the bay" tunnel and 2) moon jelly fish.

This picture is of Alcatraz taken from Peir 39

The last two are of the Golden Gate Bridge  - 1) from the ferry and 2) from Presidio park