Saturday, April 11, 2009

See we did have 3 (mildly mature content)

Before we headed out to the San Francisco area we did a little sightseeing here.  I decided to take my Aunt and Cousin to Virginia city which is the sight of a big gold and silver strike in the 19th century.  In fact during it's heyday it was the largest city between Denver and San Francisco.  I love all the mining artifacts that are scattered about the countryside.

Alright I know I warned about mild adult content, because on the way to Virginia City we pass through one of the few counties in the country where brothels are legal, so we had to drive by so my Aunt could see them.  There are about 6 in along a small stretch of road.  I have to say that it doesn't really bother me to have them there.  I figure this is a much safer environment for all concerned.  Here are a couple pictures my Aunt took along the driveway to the Bunny Ranch.  Just as an aside, their business seemed to be booming that Saturday, I had seen cars in the lots, but that day we saw probably 6 men coming or going from the brothels.

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