Saturday, April 11, 2009

See we did have 2

While we were in the area we bought year passes to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  The rides were a lot of fun but the animals were the big hit with our daughter.  This first picture is probably my favorite.  They had this huge adorable male walrus.  If you stood by his window and clapped he would start clapping and come up to the window for a rub, as you can see my daughter was thrilled.

No explanation necessary really, just cute penguins.

The next two are from one of the many animal shows they have.  These are Merlin the dolphin and Shouka the whale.  I didn't bore you with the tons of pictures I took during the shows, I just added couple of my favorites.

And don't think they only had marine animals, they also had elephants, tigers, lions, camels and one of my favorites giraffes.

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