Friday, May 29, 2009

The Art of Procrastination

Normally I would never say I'm perfect at something, but I really do think I have perfected the art of procrastination. I have 3 more Christmas stockings that I NEED to make for Daph's teacher before the school year is over (in other words 6 more days to sew) and I WANT to make her a purse for an end of the year gift because she keeps making comments on how much she likes the one I made for myself. However instead of being at the sewing machine right now I'm updating my blog. See! Oh and just in case your procrastinating too, and need something else to do you can look at the other stockings I made for her in my slide show (right column), hers are the stockings with the names on them.

Actually I think I should wait till tomorrow to start the stockings because I was thinking about making a tutorial on how I make my Christmas stockings and for that I really need the good day light for the best pictures. Yeah that sound good, it makes perfect sense.

See I told you I think I have this down perfect.


Anonymous said...

So funny! I look forward to the stocking tutorial.

Janet said...

I just got the picture of your daughter in her swimsuit! She's looking pretty cute! Does the nice, warm, swimsuit weather make it any easier to finish those Christmas stockings? :-D