Friday, May 8, 2009

Is it supposed to be that way?

Sometimes people scare me.  

A couple weeks ago I bought a book at Walmart.  It was just a basic science fiction paperback.  It was turning out to be a really enjoyable book until I got to the middle of chapter 17, where it jumped to chapter 26.  Oops.  So I  look through it and I notice that not only does it make that jump, but a couple chapters further on it goes back to chapter 20 and then goes on to the end.  So it is completely missing 2 1/2 chapters.  

But like I said it was a good book, and when I kept forgetting to exchange it, I just bought another copy.  Then the other day I finally remembered to return it, and yes to Walmart.  I didn't have the receipt but the publisher had said to return it to the store and they could return it to the publisher.  I wait in line, and I finally get a free clerk.  I explain the problem with the book, and that it is MISSING chapters, and she actually looked at me and asked,

 I quote "Is it supposed to be that way?"  NO!

I did finally get a store credit, but I just couldn't believe she had actually asked me if a book is supposed to be missing chapters.  I really wanted to ask which school district she attended, just to be on the safe side for my childs future.


Janet said...

Hmmm...possibly she was wondering if the author used artistic license when laying out the novel? Maybe the missing chapters are an analogy to reinforce the missing morals and values in today's society? Don't worry, Daphne will understand print concepts (and be able to count above 20) regardless of which school she attends. I have faith!

Pretty Things said...

That's hilarious!

I bought a Stephen King novel once and the last page was glued to the back cover. I, however, was too dumb to know that, and just thought it was a really crappy, abrupt ending. And then I got to thinking (oh yeah, THINK) and went to Barnes and Noble and oh hey! Extra page! NOW the ending made sense!