Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A little reorganization.....finally!

This was my sewing space a couple weeks ago. I know it's terrible, especially when you realize that the table edge you see on the left is our dining table. Yeah, it's bad. I keep meaning to get it cleaned up and organized but somehow it never happens. It gets cleaned up, but without the organization that doesn't last long.

But once I got my new serger I had to make room for it, so I used this as an excuse to FINALLY reorganize. Ta Dah!

Even I'm impressed! (as long as I don't look in our guest room) I have this milk crate cover tutorial and some great fabric that I was thinking of using to hide the clutter a little more. We'll see when that gets done, lol.

I also HAD to change the strap on my latest buttercup bag. I loved the look of the faux leather strap, it was just too long. Not for a normal person, but when you never made 5' without heels a couple inches makes a big difference. I still love the hardware on it and the new strap is perfect.


Pretty Things said...

Way to go! My desk is always in a state of disaster, even though I don't create there but just do invoices and web stuff. So I wonder just WHAT makes it such a mess???

Cathie said...

Good job! It looks great and here's to good luck in keeping it neat and orderly!