Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A couple opinion questions

Help, what do you think:

Okay #1  -  The young girls that I've been teaching to sew are going on a Disney World/Caribbean Cruise vacation and I offered to help them make light summer nightgowns for the trip.  Here's my dilemma.  I bought an easy nightgown pattern (on sale of course) or I found a tutorial for a pillowcase type dress that has elastic at the neckline so it wouldn't need tie straps, that I thought could make an adorable light and easy nightgown.  Which do you think?  The nightgown would start teaching them about patterns, but it would take much longer to make, or the pillowcase dress which would go faster but isn't a real pattern.  I think I'm leaning towards the pillowcase dress!

Now #2 - My daughter is having her Birthday sleepover this Friday.  Everything is fine for the actual sleepover, but my friend is talking about leaving her daughter with me the whole next day also because they need to leave at 7:30 in the morning to drive to Sacramento (a 2-3 hour drive) to pick up a friend at the airport.  I have told her to let me know what time she wants me to wake Sandia up by and we'll have her ready, but she just says oh that's okay Sandia doesn't need to come with.  Then she proceeds to tell me though that they will be gone all day because as long as they're in Sac. they'll want to do some things there, and they'll need to eat lunch there also before heading back.   Am I being unreasonable in thinking it isn't a good idea to keep two tired girls together all day, when they have issues about getting along even when they aren't tired.  They really like each other, they are just very different.



momtofatdogs said...

i don't think eleastic is a very good idea around the neck. Even loosely. But that's just a thought.
Call your freind, I hope she doesn't read your blog, and tell her that you simply can not accomodate an all night into all day play date as YOU have other plans for Saturday with your daughter too that will add to her "birthday experience", and stick to it!

Janet said...

My friend was gone before 4:15 this afternoon. She arrived around 1:30. I think the plan worked. She will return on Friday... but hopefully she will once again be away before I have to cook dinner and tidy the house!

Try telling her about my "friend" and how hard it is for me to get her to understand that while I enjoy her company and want her to visit... I also want her to go home (at a reasonable time).

sonia said...

#1: go with the pillowcase dress. This can be a lesson...that they can use everyday household items, and turn them into other things!

#2: i think it's rude of your friend to just assume you will keep her kid all day. I would tell her you need her gone that morning, because you have plans aleady.

Laume said...

I think the easier pillowcase nighties sound like a good idea not only because it will be easier for you but because I like the idea of the girls learning that they can work WITHOUT a pattern, be adventurous. There's so many times in life when we have to learn the rules, we need more opportunities to work outside of them. Well, just my 2 cents.
And I think you're totally spot on in thinking two kids together after a slumber party is a BAD idea. I've been there, done that, multiple times while raising five kids, always ended up regretting it. You can always come up with some excuse for why the girl can't stay - a family plan for the next day or something. BTW, Sandia is a cute name. I used to live beneath the shadow of a beautiful mountain range called the Sandias.