Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mom of the Moment

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Sorry for the quality of the video, my Mom took this on her cell phone

For a brief while yesterday my daughter thought I was the best Mom in the World. My parents had taken us to Six Flags again this weekend and I paid for her and my Dad to go pet and feed a dolphin. She was so excited, she could barely stand the 15 minute wait till it was time to line up. Afterwards she talked for hours about this being the best day of her life, and that she couldn't believe that she got to feed a dolphin. It was so fun hearing what a great time she had.

Then we went on a silly ride. It goes fast, but it only goes in a circle with a couple of up and down bumps. It is fun, but I didn't think it would eclipse the dolphins. But alas my moment of triumph was over. Now if you ask her what her favorite thing of the day was, she says the Thrilla Gorilla ride.

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