Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm too embarrassed to post the picture!

Daph's minor surgery today was to deal with a couple of dental issues.

Let me just say this now, I promise we have her brush twice a day.  She doesn't eat a ton of sweets.  Yes she was bottle fed, but she NEVER went to bed with a bottle.  

About 2 months ago we noticed that one of her molars was falling apart.  I mean literally crumbling.  I can't tell you how horrified I was as a mother, especially when it turned out she had 2 small cavities and another tooth that also needed to come out.  We hadn't taken her to a dentist yet, but I wasn't feeling too bad because most of my friends with children her age were just getting their kids into a dentist also.  The tooth was of course noticed after work on Friday and we worried all weekend because our area doesn't have any emergency dental services, and finally got her in on Monday.

We loved the staff but were never sure about that dentist.  Trust me if you ever have this feeling follow it!  We went ahead and let that dentist fix another small cavity to get her used to the whole thing, but the experience wasn't  good.  The dentist was chewing out his staff and getting Daph stressed, and then getting a little short with her for getting wiggly.  To top it all off, he scratched the outside of her cheek with his drill, and Daphne thought a piece of the filling fell out later that evening.

Needless to say we didn't go back to that dentist.  However since he wasn't in a big hurry to deal with the broken tooth we had the time to get an appointment with a great pediatric dentist.

After the last experience this dentist suggested taking her to a surgical center to get everything done all at once while she slept, so that all the rest of her visits would just be basic cleaning and small fillings if needed.

So today was the day.  She had 2 teeth pulled and the dentist redid the filling the other dentist did, for free, because it was indeed falling apart.  At the after surgery consult the dentist (again) stressed that we weren't bad parents.  That some kids just had bad baby teeth, and that it didn't necessarily show what her adult teeth would be like.  In fact he joked that he had lots of trouble with his baby teeth, and his father was an Endontist.

I was feeling better, until I saw the teeth he pulled!  Both my husband and I just cringed.  They look so awful.  There is no way that I could ever post a picture of them.  No matter how many reassurances I got that it wasn't my fault, I'm way too embarrassed as a parent to show those teeth.  I may turn into a fanatic now about the care of her teeth.

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