Friday, November 7, 2008

What would we do without crafts?

Last night we explained to our almost 7 year old daughter that, because she is having a minor surgical procedure she couldn't eat or drink today.  We even woke her up for a midnight snack since her procedure isn't until 2:30.  We thought she understood but suddenly this morning it wasn't going so well once reality set in.

Let just say I wasn't to thrilled with my husband who went to work this morning, primarily so he could eat while he was there!  Yes he really did have work he needed to do, but eating was a definite bonus for him.

So I'm looking around trying desperately to find something to take her mind of off eating.  She wanted to paint, but I couldn't find the watercolor paper.  Suddenly I got incredibly lucky.  I found the ornament decorating kit that I had bought almost a year ago for Daph to do as Christmas gifts.
This has been a life saver.  

Now only an hour and a half till we go pick up my husband and head to the surgical center, I'll have to go digging in my closet for something else to do!

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Janet said...

I hope all went well and Daphne now has a mouth full of healthy, shiny, sharp teeth! Sharp is especially important I think.