Friday, March 27, 2009

Can you get more inapropriate?

Janet I keep forgetting to tell you this story, so instead I'm posting it.

On Wednesday my husband came home form work (with a major corporation) in shock after a meeting with his boss.  He had managed to keep the meeting to 5 minutes and on topic which was a miracle.  FYI him and his direct boss don't really get along.  Anyways, as they were leaving the conference room his boss asked how his back was doing, and hubby says his back is really bothering him that day.   The limp is usually pretty obvious.

Now for the weird part, his boss then proceeds to tell my husband that this is what happens from too much sex, it just ruins your back.  My husband was shocked.  He and his boss do not talk about their personal lives much less make comments about their sex lives.  We're not sure if he was just trying to make a badly done joke or if he was serious.  Although luckily my husband refrained himself from replying "jealous?"

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Janet said...

Kinda makes you want to get him one of those shirts with the stick figures "doing it" doesn't it? Does Andy feel sexually harassed now? :-)