Wednesday, March 25, 2009

She couldn't tell us this months ago?

For the first part of the year we've been struggling with Daphne's reading.  None of us, her teacher included could quite figure out what the problem is.  She has an incredible vocabulary and instead of reading the actual simpler words she is substituting harder words.  She also can't always read the same word she knows, however she is still doing really well with her independent school work.    The worst was that she is testing below where her teacher thinks she should and far below where we see her reading.  We just couldn't seem to figure it out and were,getting frustrating all around.

A couple weeks ago they brought in a special tutor to try and figure out what is going on and how to best teach her reading.  One of he steps in this "investigation" is to rule out hearing and eye sight.  So today I picked her up from school and took her to the nurse at a local elementary for her eye test.

Now please remember, we have asked her about her eyesight.  We've asked can you see this better here, or here, can you this, do you ever have trouble seeing etc...and she kept answering in ways that made us not worry.

So back to the test.  As the nurse is adjusting the light and getting ready Daphne starts telling the nurse that she has great eye sight, "especially when I close this eye"  shutting her right eye.  I just groaned, and thought of course, she had to tell us this now, instead of a month ago.  As soon as she said it I knew what the results were going to be, and sure enough she tested as barely near sighted in the left and near sighted in the right.  This makes so much sense, because in their testing the material is on the table and she has to point to each word, but when she reads with us, she holds the books up closer.

So now tomorrow we have an appointment with the eye doctor and I'm hopeful that this could be the key.   I'll let you know!

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