Monday, March 2, 2009

This looks like fun

I love bags.  Lately that is about all I've been wanting to sew.   So I was really excited when I saw the Mystery Purse Sew Along at Lola...again.  I added a link on the sidebar of my blog for the event.

I had just been trying to decide which new purse I should make, I just couldn't decide.  There are too many great patterns out there.  I like all the tutorials at Lola...again, I like the Signature Style Tote , I just found this Ruffled Tote and coin purse that looks really cute, and then there was this adorable Buttercup bag.

So you see my problem!!!

That's why the mystery sew along is perfect, I can just sew and be surprised at the end.  Although I'm still looking through my fabric and planning out the rest of the bags.

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