Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's a sad sign of the times

What is this world coming to when one of items our troop has to have at our booth sale is the special pen to check for counterfeit money.  Check out this news story from Bremerton Washington.  Not to mention how closely we need to watch the money boxes, because there are cases every year of people grabbing and stealing every year.  We also had to teach the girls to leave the money we were given out on the table till we count the change because we always have people trying to (intentionally) tell us they gave us more money than they did and that they need more back in change.  One lady even sent her child back five minutes later trying to get more money back, when they had given us the exact amount.

It's just frustrating.  I know some of these people probably think they aren't really hurting anyone, just a large group that can afford it.  The truth however is that each troop buys their cookies and has to pay for all the cookies we received.  We are even responsible to pay for what doesn't sell.  So yes all these people are directly hurting our girls.  Any amount that has to be taken from our profits, limits what we can do with the girls.  It limits whether we can send them all to camp, will we be able to continue paying all the girls way to the council events, can we afford service projects etc...

Ah, sorry about the quick vent but it's just so frustrating.  How can people steal, let alone steal from little girls.


Lori Anderson Designs said...

That IS sad. I haven't had counterfeit money at my jewelry booth yet, but have had plenty of theft. Bleck.

Amy said...

yeah we really worried when we were getting a lot of people buying one box with $20 bills. We haven't had theft (luckily) but we keep 2 adults at each table with the girls.