Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Caving in to peer pressure

    Alright I finally did it, I caved in to peer pressure.  I know at my age you'd think I would be stronger.  But no I caved.  I finally read Twilight.  A friend made me borrow her copy and read it.  Okay that's to harsh, I really did intend to read it, I was just waiting for it to come out in mass market paperback.  I'm just too cheap to pay the big bucks for a book I wasn't really excited to read.

    So I got it Monday night, started reading after Daph went to bed and finished it the next day, but, I was able to put it down to go to bed, and I even put it down during the day to vacuum

    I really did enjoy it, it's a good story and I'm going to have to read the next couple books because you do get involved with the characters.  I'm also still going with a group of women to see the midnight showing of the movie when it comes out, that just sounds fun.

    However I have to say, I don't understand all these women  my age going into raptures over Edward.  Like I said, it was a really good book with good characters, but as I'm reading it I was still very aware that it was written for a younger target audience.  It was kind of like reading the first Harry Potter book.  You still got very into the characters and wanted to see what was going to happen, but it just felt younger.

    I'm glad I finally read it and I'm looking forward to getting book 2, so maybe I'm just jaded, since I'm a bit of a romance novel junkie.   

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Janet said...

Is it possible that what you're really thinking is, "Edward is no Acheron?"