Friday, October 3, 2008

Have you ever had that project you were afraid to start?

I don't know what it is but I just can't seem to get started on Daphne's Halloween costume.  This year she wants to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  I've had the pattern and fabric for close to a month.  I've looked up how to ruche fabric and know I'm going to do this with elastic.  Daphne's getting really excited, but I just can't lay out the fabric and cut.  It's not that sewing is a new thing for me, I've made lots of dresses, skirts, jumpers and nightgowns.  I quilt and sew all the time.  I'm not even worried about making a costume.  The last costume I made was a huge hit, especially when it was almost identical to Cinderella's at the Princess Dinner at Disneyland California. 
The whole delaying thing is so bad that I was even relieved when I realized I had forgotten to get a zipper, which meant I had a couple more days till I could (had to) get started.  Oh well I'm going to have to get started this weekend.  Yes I really will, I think.  I just have way to many projects that I have to get going on to keep putting it off.
Although maybe questioning this here is just another delaying tactic too?  I'll post a picture when I get the dress done, because that gives me another reason to actually finish it soon, not too mention the coat I have to make, the corduroy jumper, all the other gifts I want to make, and the Christmas wall quilt that I promised Andy I'd get done this year.  Well I better get sewing!


Janet said...

Remember when I had finished quilt tops stacking up because I just couldn't bring myself to start making binding? Sometimes it seems like such a big chore until you get into it and then the projects just zip by (unless it's a puppy quilt).

Janet said...

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