Sunday, October 5, 2008

I think my child might be spoiled!

When we started telling people that we were only having one child we got all the usual reason about why Daphne really needed siblings, but it seemed like most boiled down to the fact that if we didn't have another child Daphne would be spoiled rotten.  I have to say that we took those concerns seriously and have watched from (we hope) an unbiased viewpoint to make sure that we don't raise a selfish and spoiled child.  I thought we were doing pretty well.  I mean at the last company Easter egg hunt our Daughter was the only child putting things back on the ground when she found something she liked better.  She always thanks us when we buy her stuff and tells us how lucky she is.  Even this fall as she was making her Christmas list she would take things off the list as she found other things that she wanted, it took work to point out that she could leave things on as she found stuff and that she could have stuff that she wanted from us and both sets of Grandparents.

Now remember even my parents mentioned that we could end up with a spoiled child!

So the other day we were finally dividing up Daphne's Christmas list, she was really good with just a couple things on the list for my In-laws, and a couple on ours.  It wasn't till we got to Santa's list that things got a little funny, but it's not what your thinking.  Daphne has two things she really wants, one is a "Just like You" doll from American Girl, and the other is the carriage for Barbie from Barbie and the Diamond Castle.  I thought both of these were going on the list for Santa, but Daphne had other ideas.  She's pretty certain that Santa will bring her the doll that she wants, but she knows that if she put the carriage on the list for My Parents, she'll get it.

What does this say when my 6 year old if more certain of Grandma and Grandpa than Santa in the gift giving department.  So yes I think my child is spoiled, but it's kind of ironic that it's not us doing the spoiling! 

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