Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My new guilty pleasure

I have a new guilty pleasure, I love the show Whatever Martha!  

If you haven't seen it on the Fine Living Network, you need to check your listing and watch it.  The whole premise of the show is Martha Stewart's daughter Alexis and her friend Jennifer watching footage of Martha's past shows and making fun of them. Sometimes they even try to do the projects along with the clip.  This show never fails to make me laugh.  They have great quirks in personality, and their friendship comes through.  Even my husband has to stop and listen when it's on.  It's just addictive!  They are so catty, yet it's exactly what we're all thinking while we watch it.

I really think I enjoy it so much because it reminds me of watching things with my oldest and closest friend.  You should have heard Janet and I watching shows like pageants or of course Martha.  People watching with us would just be staring at us.  We would get going and at a certain point we didn't even have to finish our sentences because the other just knew what we were thinking, while others were lost.  We also have the uncanny ability to just know where the others jump in logic is going and having it seem perfectly logical to both of us, while others are wondering how we got from A to M and back to B.  Actually we didn't have to be watching anything, we could just get going from whatever caught our attention or our sense of the ridiculous.  Even now Janet and I will call each other and say you have to see this, or have you heard of this.  I can't imagine not having this close friendship where we each know the other so well, foibles and all, and still love and respect each other like sisters.  Okay probably closer than a lot of siblings I know.  

So Janet, did you get the feeling that you just had to read my blog this morning?

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