Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Snowing!!

I can't believe that it's been snowing almost all day so far. It started just before Daphne went out to catch the bus, and has been snowing off and on since. It did stop for a little while earlier, just long enough for the snow that had accumulated to melt, luckily.

When I helped a Daphne's school this morning and all the kids were so excited by the snow. I just don't understand it. I might have been like that as a kid but I don't remember. Maybe it's that I grew up in Minnesota and after the first couple days of snow it just looses it's charm, or at least it did for me.

In fact I think this is why I really dislike Halloween. In Minnesota it was usually so cold around Halloween that your costumes had to be worn over snowsuits, with mittens and hats.  I have to tell you, that just seemed to ruin some of the fun of dressing up for me.  I mean think, you were limited in what you could dress as by whether the costume would fit over the snow clothes.  I also hated having to wear boots and trudge through the snowbanks just to get candy.  I actually tried getting my parents to let me skip trick or treating but for some reason I was made to go.

I was probably just a weird child.  I really would have preferred to just stay home and read.  Even the candy wasn't an insensitive for me, almost every year I had Halloween candy left over that finally got thrown away right before Christmas.  

If anyone happens to read this who loved Halloween let me know why?  What about it did or do you enjoy?

At least we're supposed to get warmer again, and I hope it stays warmer till after Halloween.  Especially since Daph's costume is just a dress and I don't think it would (or will when I get it done) fit over warm clothes.

As a plus though I do have to say that the living not far from Lake Tahoe, the mountains do look pretty freshly covered in snow.  I'll take a picture and post it when the storm and clouds lift from the mountains.
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