Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I got the zipper in!  It was as horrible as I feared!  No actually it wasn't that bad, it was worse! Alright it wasn't really that bad but I thought I'd say that to explain why it took so long to get the silly dress done, but I really do dislike putting zippers in clothes.  They are just a pain in the neck, literally as I'm leaning over the sewing machine trying to get it to work.

I also made a matching head band but I don't know where it was when I took the picture.  My daughter has this weird habit of hiding things in her room that are important to her, usually in the back of her closet.

Have A Happy Halloween!


Janet said...

Daphne looks beautiful! I think the dress was worth the trouble of inserting a zipper (although you could have made a ton of eyelets and laced the back if that would have made you feel better). I'm not sure if we got Halloween pictures of the boys. If I did they'll be up on my blog sometime (in the far distant future- or maybe tomorrow).

Amy said...

I debated about velcro, trust me!