Thursday, October 2, 2008

Is it too early for Christmas music!

I was just wondering, is it too early to be listening to Christmas music?  

When my husband and I went to the bookstore the other day they had a new Christmas CD out that we wanted, so of course, we had to get it.  And of course we had to listen to it on the way home.  Which then lead to reloading my Ipod with our large assortment of Christmas music. 
I justified it at the time because I did NEED to redo my Ipod.   It got really messed up when we switched to the new laptop.   It also just seemed easier to put primarily Christmas on it now since I'll want it on shortly anyways.  
So now I'm finding my self reveling in the cooling fall temperatures and listening to Christmas music.  On the other hand it just seems wrong since I was actually offended that Target has Christmas stuff out with the Halloween.  Maybe I'm just a hypocrite?  I don't know, I can give all these reasons why it's okay for me to start listening to the music,
  • It's like comfort food, and just makes me feel peaceful
  • Most of my favorites are the hymns which just remind you again of the wonderful meaning and reason of Christmas - Love - both Gods for us and ours towards our fellow man
  • As crafters we're surrounded by Christmas a lot earlier so that we can get started on projects
  • And in that same theme, I'm actually thinking about and working on Christmas gifts already, so it follows that to really get in the mood the music is fitting
Maybe the difference is that I love the peace, joy and the happy memories that I get from listening to this music, especially the hymns.  Where seeing the Christmas stuff in the store just seems to hurry along the commercial aspect instead of enjoying the exciting build up to holidays.  I don't know, I guess it just gets me back to the original question.  Is it too early to be listening to Christmas music?

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Janet said...

Christmas music is mandatory year round. It has nothing to do with the retailers anticipating the season by putting up commercial xmas displays way too early.