Monday, October 13, 2008

Look what was hanging around our yard!

I just had to share this cool picture that I took from my screen door.

Every once in a while we get hawks hanging around in the yard, although I'm glad that this time it didn't find anything to eat.  A several years ago when a hawk was in our yard it caught a bird, and I never realized how big a mess they make as they eat.  I was also amazed at how little was left.  Really all that was left were a few bones and a mess of feathers.  Poor Daphne was so excited because she thought it had snowed and she wanted to go play in it!

We actually live in a great area for bird watching.   When we first bought our house it had a pond, but it had to be covered in chicken wire to keep the herons and hawks from eating the koi.  Between our town and shopping (about a twenty miles) we have counted 12 - 25 large hawks and eagles.  The best time however is during calving on the area ranches.  There are a couple areas where people pull over with binoculars, but most of the time you don't need them.  Most of the time just driving by you can see several bald eagles.  It really is cool.  As amazing as these are to see in zoos it's nothing to seeing them in nature.

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LiteralDan said...

I agree about seeing these kinds of birds in nature being way better than zoos, etc., but I've never had the pleasure of seeing one in my yard! This is a great picture.